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Mallorca is never without flowers. You can find mediterranean favourites, like bougainvillea, and there some thirty species endemic to Mallorca alone, such as the hypericum balearicum. Mimosa and jacaranda greet the new year, followed by the brilliant white and pink almond and cherry blossom in March before the rich scent of the orange blossom ovewhelms you as you enter the Soller Valley in April. By May, the island is awash with iris, cyclamen, anemone, narcissus and wild orchids.

The smell of the herbs is equally pervasive - thyme, rosemary and parsley grow in the wild, among the extraordinary shapes of the olive trees, some hundreds of years old, which are punctuate the Mallorcan lansdcape. There are two gardens open to the public within a few minutes drive of Ca'n Reus. The Botanical Garden displays plants from throughout Southern Europe and North Africa and the curator there, Theo, is passionate about the use of herbs for medicinal purposes and a source of information and inspiration. The Alfabia Gardens, which follow the original Moorish layout, remind us of how the Moors were the first to explore the importance and the beauty of water and shade in the gardens of a hot country..


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